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Solutions and equipment for measurements and analysis of RF signals, monitoring and encoding

Portable RF Spectrum Analyzer 10MHz - 6GHz SPECTRAN HF-6060 V4, Aaronia

Code: HF-6060 V4
Portable RF Spectrum Analyzer 10MHz - 6GHz SPECTRAN HF-6060 V4, Aaronia

RF Analyzer entrance unit of the latest V4 generation. Offers a up to 100x faster sample time, a much higher sensitivity, smaller filter and lots of new additional features compared to the portable V3 analyzers.

  • Manufacturer: Aaronia
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The Aaronia entrance level RF Spectrum Analyzer for the professional user up to 6GHz.

Vastly enhanced feature set with significantly faster SpTime, more dynamic range, better IP3, reduced phase noise, greater demodulation bandwidth and improved LCD display compared to the previous Rev.3 series.

For analysis and measurements within frequency range 10MHz - 6GHz of Radio&TV, Tetra/BOS, ISM434, LTE800, ISM868, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, DECT, UMTS, WLAN, Microwave,Bluetooth, WiFi, LTE2.6, WiMAX, Directional Radio, 5GHz WLAN, etc.



  • RF exposure limit calculation and display according to DIN/VDE 0848
  • Up to 100x faster sample time as V3 units
  • Up to 60dB higher sensitivity as V3 units
  • Low noise preamplifier (option)
  • 14Bit Dual-ADC
  • DDC Hardware-Filter
  • 150 MIPS DSP (CPU)
  • Data Logger (64K), expandable to 1MB (Option 001)
  • Enhanced and much sharper LCD display (compared to V3 units)
  • Simultaneously displays frequency and signal strength
  • Real-time remote control via USB
  • Large, high resolution multifunction LCD 
  • Vector (I/Q) measurement
  • DECT & TimeSlot analyzer
  • Real-time RF Peak Power Detector (option)
  • Hold function
  • Included EMC directional antenna HyperLOG 7060
  • Free MAC OS, Linux and Windows analyzersoftware



  • RF frequency range: 10MHz to 6GHz
  • DANL: -135dBm(1Hz)
  • DANL with Preamp: -150dBm(1Hz)
  • Max. power at RF input: +10dBm
  • Lowest sample time: 10mS
  • Resolution (RBW): 3kHz to 50MHz
  • Units: dBm, dBµV, V/m, A/m, W/m²
    (dBµV/m, W/cm² etc. via PC software)
  • Detectors: RMS, Min/Max
  • Demodulator: AM, FM
  • Input: 50 Ohm SMA RF-input (f)
  • Accuracy: +/- 2dB (typ.)
  • Interface: USB 2.0/1.1
  • Dimensions (L/W/D): 250x86x27 mm
  • Weight: 430gr
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Datasheet Spectran HF-6000-Series [PDF, 629.37 KB]