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Solutions and equipment for measurements and analysis of RF signals, monitoring and encoding

SPECTRAN XFR-NF Outdoor Spectrum Analyzer

SPECTRAN XFR-NF Outdoor Spectrum Analyzer

SPECTRAN XFR-NF - Outdoor Spectrum Analyzer with military grade ballistic armor protection from 1Hz up to 20MHz (30MHz). Shock resistance. Works in rain, dust, high temperatures etc.

  • Manufacturer: Aaronia
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Based on the SPECTRAN NF-5030 X the SPECTRAN NF-XFR was designed and engineered for the use in difficulty conditions, e. g. military operations, building sites, mines, navigation and aviation, etc.
It offers a powerful, shock-resistant Outdoor-Laptop and a highly sensitive Spectrum Analyzer in one compact device. With this analyzer you will master all challenges even at pounding rain, extreme temperatures, blowing dust and dirt. The NF-XFR runs with the latest highly professional MCS-Analyzer-Software.




· Frequency: 1Hz to 20MHz (30MHz)

· Analog Input: 200nV to 200mV (typ.)

· Resolution (RBW): 0,3Hz to 10MHz (1-3-10 step)

· Units: Volt

· Detectors: RMS, Min/Max

· Demodulator: AM, FM

· Input: High impedance SMA input (f)

· Audio: Internal speaker with volume control

· Accuracy: 3% (typ.)

· Warranty: 2 years




· Internet flash software updates

· High-performance DSP (Digital Signal Processor)

· Internal speaker (which can be switched off)

Highlights Notebook:

· Exclusive Ballistic Armor Protection System to meet and exceed real world and military standards MIL-STD-810F

· PrimoSeal technology with highest Ingress protection rating (IP65)

· Prozessor: Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 (2,53GHz, 1.066MB, 6MB)

· Monitor: 14,1" (1280x800) with webcam

· Memory: 4096MB (2x2048) 800MHz DDR2 Dual Channel

· Hard Disk: 128GB shock absorbence solid state drive

· Battery: primary 6 cell 54W/HR

· Operating system: Windows 7


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Spectran XFR-NF Datasheet (en) [PDF, 621.98 KB]
Spectran XFR-NF Datasheet (es) [PDF, 588.29 KB]