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Soluciones profesionales y sistemas completos para radiodifusión de Televisión y Radio

Planar IT-15T Analizador de señal DVB-T

Código: IT-15T DVB-T
Planar IT-15T Analizador de señal DVB-T

El IT-15T de la serie mini IT es un Analizador de TV señal de DVB-T y está destinado a la medición de los TDT parámetros de la señal de televisión.

  • Fabricante: Planar
  • Peso del envío: 1.400 Kgs

For digital channels the Analyzer allows measuring of channel power. For DVB-T signals the Analyzer offers measurement of reception quality parameters: modulation error ratio MER, bit error ratio BER before and after Viterbi decoder, erroneous packets after Reed-Solomon decoder counter and constellation diagram. The IT-15T features automatic defining of the DVB-T channel modulation parameters (channel frequency, number of subcarriers, guard interval, FEC and modulation type). The Analyzer allows to measure direct and alternating voltage of the remote power supply of the TV and broadcasting distribution networks. The IT-15T can be connected to a personal computer to access additional modes.

The Analyzer offers the following measurement modes for analog channels: channel level, V/A ratio and C/N ratio.



·         Compact handheld design (dimensions: 193x94x53 mm)

·         Lightweight (weight with the battery up to 0.5 kg)

·         Ergonomic housing design with protective bag

·         Favorable price

·         USB interface for PC connection

·         Firmware update by the user

·         Non-volatile datalogs

·         128x64 graphic LCD display with LED backlight

·         Powered by Li-ion battery

·         Battery charge or operation powered by 12V Mains Adapter or car lighter

·         Measured parameters:

               -for analog channels: channel level, V/A ratio, C/N ratio

               -for digital channels: channel power, MER, preBER, postBER, erroneous packets after Reed-Solomon decoder counter

·         Measurement modes: Level, Full-Scan, Ripple, Spectrum, MER/BER and constellation diagram

·         Automatic defining of the DVB-T channels modulation parameters

·         Non-volatile data logger: channel plans and measurements

·         Powering of antenna amplifier

·         Measuring of direct and alternating voltage of the remote power supply

·         ItToolsTerrestrial software for PC allows for:

              -operation in virtual instrument mode: measurement and display of channel parameters as a bar graph, spectrum analyzer, DVB-T signal reception quality parameters and constellation diagram

              -viewing, creating, editing, uploading onto the Analyzer and saving of the TV system tables, channel plans, measurement logger pages

              -saving and printout of measurement reports

              -IT-15T firmware updating



Measurement frequency range 45…900 МHz
Frequency resolution 125 kHz
TV system CCIR, OIRT and one customized
Level measurement range 30…120 dBuV
Level resolution 0,1 dB
Level measurement accuracy ±1,5 dB
COFDM-2k8k modulation QPSK, QAM16, QAM64
Hierarchical modulation α = 1, 2, 4
Code rate 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
BER measurement range 1x10-3… 1x10-8
MER measurement range 18 … 35 dB
Battery life 3 hours
Amplifier power supply voltage 12V or 24V