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DEVA Radio Explorer III FM Advanced Mobile Radio Analyzer

Code: Radio Explorer III FM
DEVA Radio Explorer III FM Advanced Mobile Radio Analyzer

Radio Explorer III FM - The Third Generation most advanced FM coverage survey tool by DEVA Broadcast

Price excl. VAT: €2.950,00
Price inc. VAT: €3.540,00
Radio Explorer III FM is DEVA Broadcasts's most advanced FM coverage survey tool yet. Drawing on the vast experience and building on all of the best features of its predecessors, this is an advanced monitoring unit designed to provide the ultimate solution for field surveys and detailed signal parameters analysis.
The appeal of the Radio Explorer III FM lies not only in its reliability, but also in the second tuner it comes equipped with - an innovative approach in this range of products, guaranteeing a much higher level of effectiveness and precision.
The device measures all important signal parameters, while the information gathered in the field can be effortlessly exported and visualized in Google Earth. It is easy to use and comes at an affordable price, making it the perfect mobile analyzer.


  • - FM compliant receiver: 87.1-108 MHz (CCIR), 65-74 MHz (OIRT), 76-95 MHz (Japan)
  • - High-end digital tuner
  • - Dual tuner frontend for faster service switching
  • - Scan FM preset frequencies or manual tuning
  • - Detailed RDS information
  • - Protected access to the device settings
  • - SNTP for automatic synchronization of the built-in clock
  • - LAN port for full TCP/IP remote control and monitoring
  • - Adjustable MIN/MAX alarms for RF, Left & Right Audio Levels
  • - Alarm dispatch via E-mail, SNMP ver.2C and GPO
  • - Firmware updates will ensure improved operation
  • - Antenna port supporting up to 110 dBµV direct RF Antenna Input
  • - Built-in 50-channels GPS Receiver
  • - Front panel OLED Graphical Display
  • - Easy to use WEB Interface
  • - Apple and Android devices support
  • - Very Intuitive Application Interface
  • - SNMP for adjustments and control
  • - Maintenance via DEVA Device Manager Software
  • - Measurement results visualization in Google Earth
  • - Accurate front-panel metering for local use
  • - Headphone output with front panel level control
  • - 3 General purpose outputs
  • - Built-in FTP Server for easy download of the Log files
  • - Robust, custom made Metal Case for high RF immunity