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Solutions and equipment for measurements and analysis of RF signals, monitoring and encoding

Micsig CP2100B Current probe 2.5MHz, 100A

Code: Micsig CP2100B
Micsig CP2100B Current probe 2.5MHz, 100A

CP2100B Current probe with  2.5 MHz bandwidth and 100A Peak

  • Manufacturer: Micsig
  • Shipping Weight: 1.000 Kgs
Price excl. VAT: €315,00
Price inc. VAT: €378,00



  • · Bandwidth: DC~2,5MHz
  • · Rise time: ≤175ns
  • · Ranges: 10A/100A
  • · Output sensitivity: 0.1V/A (10A), 0.01V/A (100A)
  • · DC accuarcy (typical): 3%±50mA (10A), 4%±50mA (100A, 500mA~40Apk), 15% (100A, 40Apk~100Apk)
  • · Signal delay: <150ns (10A), <200ns (100A)
  • · Measuring range: 50mA~10Apk (10A), 1A~100Apk (100A)
  • · Maximum measurable current: 100Apk, 70.7Arms (DC+ACpk), 200Apk-pk, 70.7Arms (AC)
  • · Maximum working voltage: CAT III 300V CAT II 600V
  • · Maximum conductor diameter: 13mm
  • · Overload indication: The buzzer beeping, the button light flashing
  • · Power supply: DC 5V (USB)
File Info
CP2100B Data Sheet [PDF, 527.23 KB]
CP2100B User Manual [PDF, 432.7 KB]