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Solutions and equipment for measurements and analysis of RF signals, monitoring and encoding

IT-19C QAM Signal Analyzer, Planar

Code: IT-19C QAM
IT-19C QAM Signal Analyzer, Planar

IT-19C QAM Signal Analyzer is an improved version of IT-09C. It is designed for measuring the TV channel parameters with analog and digital modulation. This analyzer has an automatic setup parameter detection mode and is an essential assistant for a technician working in the field, but also simple for stationary use. IT-19C has an intuitive easy to use interface and functional software.

  • Manufacturer: Planar
  • Shipping Weight: 1.500 Kgs



  • - 2.8” color TFT, 320x240 pixels
  • - Ergonomic plastic housing in a rubber boot
  • - New friendly user interface
  • - Long-lasting battery
  • - Fast battery charging
  • - Built-in spectrum analyzer
  • - Fast channel synchronization
  • - Extended frequency range from 5 to 1006 MHz
  • - Autodetection of digital channel parameters
  • - Simultaneous measurement of Channel power and MER/BER
  • - Firmware update by user
  • - Operation with PC via USB


Measurement of TV signal parameters:
- Analog channel: Level, Video/Audio, Carrier/Noise
- Digital channel: Power, - ITU-T J.83 Annex A/B/C cable TV: MER, PreBER, PostBER
- Measurement of RF signal spectrum
- Measurement of network remote powering DC and AC voltage
- Measurement modes: CHANNEL, SPECTRUM, FULL SCAN (Tilt and Ripple measurement)
Software features for PC:
- Virtual mode with channel parameters measurement as histograms, spectrum analyzer, constellation diagram with ITU-T J.83 Annex A/B/C channel parameters
- Reading, creating new, editing, uploading into meter and saving channel plans and log channel pages
- Analyzer measurement results are saved in graphical and table view with possibility to print out
- Firmware updating
- Software features for PC

Operating frequency range

5…1006  MHz

Frequency resolution

0.125 MHz

Level measurement range

30…120 dBμV

Level measurement accuracy

±1.5 dB

Modulation types for DVB-C channels

QAM64, 128, 256

Symbol rate for DVB-C channels

5 to 7.2 Msps

MER measurement range

28 to 40 dB

MER measurement accuracy

±2.0 dB

BER measurement range


Operating temperature range

-10 to +50 °ะก

Battery life

More than 5 hours

Log book

  • Up to 15 limit plans
  • Up to 64 channel plans
  • Up to 250 logs of measurements

Input AC and DC voltage measurement

10 to 100V