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DP712 Programmable DC Power Supply 50V/3A, Rigol

Code: DP712
DP712 Programmable DC Power Supply 50V/3A, Rigol

DP712 - Single output, 50V / 3A, total power up to 150 W affordable programmable linear DC power supply with high performance. With superb performance specifications, pure and reliable output, and clear user interface, the DP712 supports timing output and trigger function, and provides a remote communication interface, enabling you to meet your diversified test requirements.

  • Manufacturer: Rigol
  • Shipping Weight: 8.500 Kgs
Price excl. VAT: €295,00
Price inc. VAT: €354,00



·       DP712: Single Channel, 50V/3A, 150W

·       Ripple&Noise: <500 μVrms/4 mVpp; <2 mArms

·       Regulation: 0.01% + 2mV; 0.01% + 2mA

·       Transient Response: <50us

·       OVP, OCP&OTP,Protection response: <10ms

·       Resolution: 1mV/1mA (Opt.)

·       Multi-unit Synchronization with Ext-trigger (Opt.)

·       10ms to 99999s Timer (Opt.)

·       3.5" TFT LCD

·       Key Locked with remote command

·       RS232 Interface

Series: DP700
Product: DP712
Display: 3.5 inches
Output power adjustment range: 150W
Voltage / Current Rating: 0 V - 50V / 0A - 3A
Operating Voltage: 100-240 V
Touch screen: No
Warranty: 3 years
File Info
DP712 Data Sheet [PDF, 2.15 MB]
DP712 Quick Guide [PDF, 462.58 KB]
DP712 User Guide [PDF, 1.26 MB]