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MSO2202A Mixed Signal Oscilloscope 200MHz, 2GSa/s, Rigol

Code: MSO2202A
MSO2202A Mixed Signal Oscilloscope 200MHz, 2GSa/s, Rigol

Rigol MSO2202A - The new mainstream digital scope for Mixed Signal to meet the customer's applications with up to 200 MHz, 2 Analog + 16 Digital channels, innovative technology, industry leading specifications, powerful trigger functions and broad analysis capabilities.

  • Manufacturer: Rigol
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·         Wider vertical range (500uV/div ~ 10V/div), lower noise floor, better for small signal capturing

·         Full bandwidth, lower overshoot (<5%), perfect frequency response design

·         Max. Sample Rate 2GSa/s

·         A variety of trigger and serial bus decording functions (RS232, I2C, SPI, CAN)

·         Standard Memory Depth up to14Mpts,Optional Memory Depth up to 56Mpts

·         Innovative "UltraVision" technology




200 MHz
Analog Channels
Digital Channels 16
Sample Rate
Analog CH: 2GSa/s (Single-channel), 1GSa/s (Dual-channel)
Digital CH: 1GSa/s (8 CH), 500MSa/s (16 CH)
Max Memory Depth
Analog channel: 7 Mpts(2 CH) / 14 Mpts( 1 CH)
Digital channel: 7 Mpts(16 CH) / 14 Mpts(8 CH)
(Analog channel: 28 Mpts(2 CH) / 56 Mpts( 1 CH) opt.)
(Digital channel: 14 Mpts(16 CH) / 28 Mpts(8 CH) opt.)
Real Time waveform Record, Replay and Analysis function
Up to 65, 000 Frames(LA Channel turn off)
Up to 32, 000 Frames(LA Channel turn on)
Std. Probes
RP3300A 350MHz BW Passive Probe: 2 sets
RPL2316 LA Probe: 1 set


File Info
MSO2202A Data Sheet [PDF, 4.56 MB]
MSO2202A Quick Guide [PDF, 2.28 MB]
MSO2202A User Guide [PDF, 3.77 MB]
MSO2202A Programming Guide [PDF, 4.86 MB]
MSO2202A Rackmount Kit [PDF, 340.75 KB]