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DG1062Z Arbitrary 60MHz Waveform Function Generator

Code: DG1062Z
DG1062Z Arbitrary 60MHz Waveform Function Generator

Rigol DG1062Z - Multi-functional function / arbitrary waveform generator that combines many functions in one, including Function Generator, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Noise Generator, Pulse Generator, Harmonics Generator, Analog/Digital Modulator and Counter. With up to 60 MHz max.output frequency and 2 channels.

  • Manufacturer: Rigol
  • Shipping Weight: 4.200 Kgs
Price excl. VAT: €599,00
Price inc. VAT: €718,80

Powered by Rigol's innovative SiFi technology, the DG1062Z is ideal for low frequency testing applications requiring high signal fidelity, low noise floor and long arbitrary waveform length.



· Max. output frequency: 60MHz

· Innovative SiFi (Signal Fidelity): generate arb waveform point-by-point,restore signal distortionless, precisely adjustable sample rate and low jitter (200ps)

· Arbitrary waveform memory: 8Mpts (standard), 16Mpts (optional)

· Standard 2 full functional channels can be used as two independent generators

· ±1ppm frequency stability, -125dBc/Hz phase noise

· Built-in 8 orders harmonics generator

· Built-in 7 digits/s full function frequency counter with 200MHz bandwidth


· Up to 160 built-in waveforms

· 200MSa/s sample rate, 14bits vertical resolution

· Convenient arbitrary waveform editing interface

· Versatile modulation types: AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK and PWM

· Standard waveform summing function

· Standard channel track function

· Standard interfaces: USB Host& Device, LAN (LXI Core Device 2011)

· 3.5 inches TFT color display


File Info
DG1062Z Data Sheet [PDF, 557.04 KB]
DG1062Z Quick Guide [PDF, 900.77 KB]
DG1062Z User Guide [PDF, 3.62 MB]
DG1062Z Programming Guide [PDF, 4.36 MB]