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RP7150 Active differential probe (1,5GHz, 30V)

Code: RP7150
RP7150 Active differential probe (1,5GHz, 30V)

Rigol RP7150 - Active differential probe, DC~1500MHz, ~30V(DC+AC)

  • Manufacturer: Rigol
  • Shipping Weight: 1.000 Kgs



·         Bandwidth: DC~1500MHz

·         Input Capacitance: <1pF

·         Input Resistance: 50kΩ ± 2% Differential, 25kΩ ± 4% Single-ended

·         Max Input Voltage: 30V Peak

·         RIGOL  scope Compatibility: DS4000, DS6000 series

File Info
RP7150 User Guide [PDF, 662.59 KB]