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Solutions and equipment for measurements and analysis of RF signals, monitoring and encoding

RAP-TV/FM - Analyzer for ATV and FM transmitters

RAP-TV/FM - Analyzer for ATV and FM transmitters

Analyzer RAP TV/FM is designed for production, adjustment, commissioning tests, operations and maintenance of TV/FM transmitters, measuring of sound signals and circuits, MPX signals and MPX coders testing. The device allow to measure all parameters of TV or VHF waves-FM (opt.)transmitter in 3-5 minutes without using of any additional devices.

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  • -Measurement of all parameters without changing the wiring scheme;
  • -Direct measurement of RF parameters: sideband response, IMD levels, etc;
  • -B/G, D/K, I, M and N standarts;
  • -Support for NICAM and A2 (Zweitone);
  • -Two FM broadcasting systems: polar modulation (OIRT) and pilot tone (CCIR);
  • -Test signal generation, pilot lines insertion;
  • -Friendly and intuitive user interface;
  • -Remote viewing of measurement reports over a network or the Internet.

Main operating modes: 

  • Automatic. All measurements are carried out without an operator. Measurement reports are created and printed according to selected specifications and patterns.
  • Out of service. Measurements are carried out by an operator arbitrarily with the possibility of cycling.
  • Adjusting. Out of service measurements with fast refreshing. Complex measurements are implemented to facilitate adjustment of separate components of transmitters.
  • In-service (during broadcasting of TV programs). The display shows continuously renewed values of parameters of the transmitter and input TVS. Alarm gives warning of any parameter going beyond tolerance.
  • TV oscilloscope. Standard instruments on PC monitor.

Software has a friendly user interface. It saves an operator from chores and minimizes training costs. The advanced instruments for working with measurement reports are available. You can view, print and customize the reports, save them to server for remote viewing.

Parameters' values are calculated automatically and shown digitally together with results of tolerance checking. Besides for each parameter characteristic charts are shown.

To make the measurements more efficient and to work with nonstandard transmitters many additional features are implemented. Some of that features: 

  • Optional ICPM compensation in differential phase measurement;
  • Possibility to change video modulation during measurements of audio parameters;
  • Adjustment and maintenance complex measurements;
  • Automatic setting of nominal FM deviation level;
  • Custom set of parameters in automatic mode;
  • Possibility to turn off the Nyquist filter, group delay corrector and FM audio preemphasis.