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Solutions and equipment for measurements and analysis of RF signals, monitoring and encoding

DVB MONITOR - Monitoring Receiver of DVB-T, C, ATV

DVB MONITOR - Monitoring Receiver of DVB-T, C, ATV

DVB MONITOR - Powerful and professional yet affordable solution for standalone DVB-T and DVB-C monitoring at the transmitter site or in the coverage area.

The DVB Monitor is specially built for CATV networks and DVB-T broadcasters that want to provide their clients quality service. Through RF inputs, the unit sequentially monitors a set list of channels and continuously ensures that your DVB network complies with both legislation and your expectations.

With its Ethernet interface, can be controlled remotely using the user-friendly embedded web server or an SNMP-Based network management system. DVB Monitor offers innovative functions such as multi-channel monitoring , automatic scanning and remote control.

It is able to decode and monitor the MPEG transport stream (PAT, PMT, NIT, SDT, CAT, TDT, and TOT). You can set alarms for missing audio/video streams.The DVB Monitor can be connected to SNMP server for automated remote configuration and monitoring of multiple devices. Provided with a quick-start guide, the device is easy to install and has a user-friendly website. The DVB Monitor is future proof as it supports remote firmware upgrades to add all the new functionality required.




· Remote 24/7 monitoring – DVB-C , DVB-T, Analog TV and DOCSIS (option)

· Measurement and Alarms of MER, BER, VBER, CBER, C/N, SNR and RF Level

· MPEG Monitoring – PAT, PMT, SDT, NIT, TOT, TDT, CAT

· Service alarms

· PID Alarms – monitoring digital audio and video channels

· Embedded web server for easy configuration and control

· E-mail notifications

· SNMP configuration and control for large CATV or DVB-T broadcast networks

· Logging alarm messages with accurate time

· Band scanning

· QAM Analyzer

· Video Streaming


· Supports ITU-J83 annexes A & C, including DVB-C

· Firmware Upgradeable

· Best price on the market


Examples for possible use of DVB Monitor:

-to monitor Analog and DVB-C CATV headend for bad signal or carrier loss
-to monitor remote points of your CATV network
-to monitor DVB-T broadcasts in remote areas
-by regulation authorities to monitor the broadcasted channels