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Soluciones profesionales y sistemas completos para radiodifusión de Televisión y Radio

IT-082 Digital Satellite Meter



   The IT-082 Digital Satellite Meter is a configuration of the IT-08 Multifunction TV Meter comprised of MB-08 Base Unit and MC-082 Removable Module. The IT-082 ensures high-performance adjustment of reception systems of analog and digital satellite television signals due to its fast and accurate measurement capabilities. IT-082 provides convenient measurement of quality characteristics of digital satellite television reception.







o   lightweight and compact handheld design

o   alignment of satellite dish with one or two (simultaneously) LNBs

o   MER and BER measurement

o   built-in beeper, level meter, MER, BER

o   constellation diagram with ¼ zoom

o   adjustment parameters automated determination

o   LNB powering and DiSEqC 2.1 control

o   data logger function enabling storage of:

·         up to 50 LNB types;

·         up to 100 satellites with transponder parameters;

·         up to 100 measurement logs;

·         up to 100 spectrum analyzer logs for with the adjustable span

o   PC compatible (extra service modes, satellite specifications download, printing of reports and etc.)

o   user firmware update



Tuning range 950 to 2150 MHz
Resolution 500 kHz
Input impedance within operating frequency range 75Ω
Input signal modulation QPSK
Symbol rate 1 to 45 MSps
FEC 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
LNB frequency error ±10 MHz
MER measurement range 4 to 15 dB
BER measurement range prior to Viterbi decoder 1x10-1 to 1x10-7
BER measurement range after Viterbi decoder 1x10-3 to 1x10-8
Attenuator 20, 40 dB (automatic mode)
Level measurement range 40 to 120 dBuV
Accuracy ±2.5 dB
Measurement level resolution 0.1 dB
Measurement channel passbands 1 to 65 MHz
LNB supply voltage 13, 18 V
LNB supply current no less than 300 mА
LNB current consumption controlled range 0 to 350 mА
DiSEqC command system support level 2.1
Frequency indication 5 characters on LCD
Level indication 4 characters on LCD
IT-082 powering from AC circuit with 220 ± 22 V voltage, 50 ± 0.5 Hz frequency with harmonics amount no greater than 5% via PS12/0.8 Mains Adapter;
from external DC source with 12 ± 0.6 V voltage and ripple level no greater than 0.5 V;
from batteries with capacity no less than 2100 mAh;
Current consumed by IT-082 from external source or batteries not greater than 0.8 А
Battery (of 2100 mAh capacity, 150 mA LNB current) life under normal conditions, no less than 1 hours
Dimensions, no greater than 200x90x55 mm
Weight, no greater than 0.6 kg (including batteries)
Ambient temperature -10 to 40 °С
















































o   performing the measurements of level and parameters of a satellite signal

o   viewing a spectrum RF at the input meter

o   viewing a сonstellation diagram

o   viewing the list of transponder channels

o   viewing and changing the satellite directory by the meter

o   viewing and changing the converters' profiles directory by the meter

o   viewing the saved spectrum table. Documentation and detailed viewing of the measured spectra

o   viewing and changing of the measurement protocol of the input signal quality factors

o   saving and operating the local copies of reference guides and protocols of the meter

o   saving and documenting the measurement protocols