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  Get one option free of charge, when buy a new DSA800-(TG) Analyzer!

Date: 2016-11-23

“X-Mas Sale” Last Minute

Your choice:  Get below one option free of charge, when buy a new DSA800-(TG) Analyzer!




DSA800-AMK  list price  € 465,00 net
AMK-DSA800 option provides various measurement functions including. For advanced measurement functions, the measurement mode can be single or continuous and you can control the measurement including Restart, Pause and Resume




DSA800-VSWR list price €435,00 net
VSWR-DSA800 option (used together with the tracking generator function and the VB1020, 1032 option) provides measurement functions of S11-related specifications (such as the return loss, reflection coefficient and VSWR).



Rigol Technologies EU GmbH offers one out of two options as free of charge. If you buy a new DSA815-(TG) or new DSA832E-(TG) spectrum analyzer until Dec. 31st 2016, select one option for free!

The Model DSA815-(TG) is a 9kHz to 1.5GHz, Spectrum Analyzer. As version  –TG, with a build in Tracking Generator.

The Model DSA832E-(TG) is a 9kHz to 3.2GHz, Spectrum Analyzer. As version  –TG,  with a build in Tracking Generator.

With one of this option included, you get the best price/performance and best choice to extend your measurement needs and save money!

***This promotion cannot be combined with other running Rigol promotions and bundle offers!!