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Soluciones profesionales y sistemas completos para radiodifusión de Televisión y Radio

Tabla comparativa Band Scanner


FEATURE Band Scanner Pro Band Scanner GPS
FM Band 87 - 108 MHz Spectrum Analyzer Yes Yes
PILOT injection level meter Yes Yes
LEFT and RIGHT level meters Yes Yes
RDS injection level meter Yes Yes
MPX deviation meter Yes Yes
External composite MPX and RDS input Yes No
Built-in Stereo decoder Yes Yes
Built-in 12-channels GPS Receiver No Yes
Auto search tuning Yes Yes
Headphones audio output Yes Yes
Full feature RDS and RBDS decoder Yes Yes
RDS/RBDS Groups Detector & Analyzer Yes Yes
RDS/RBDS Stream BER meter Yes Yes
View playlists of the competitive stations Yes Yes
Saving and exporting the playlists to Excel file Yes Yes
Compare the signal strength to other stations Yes Yes
No external power supply required Yes Yes
Tracking the saved RDS Data Log Yes Yes
TCP/IP Remote control via Internet Yes Yes
Remote audio listening and logging via Internet Yes Yes