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Rigol anuncia la nueva serie osciloscopios DS1000Z

Fecha: 2013-09-09

Rigol DS1000Z

It is the new economic level Digital Oscilloscope with 4 channels, 70MHz and 100Mhz bandwidth, as the DS1000Z-S serie have a bilt-in 25MHz Waveform Generator to meet the customer's application


Feature and Benifits


·         100MHz,70MHz Bandwidth, 4 channels

·         1G Sa/s Real-time Sample Rate

·         12Mpts (Std.) and 24Mpts (Opt.) Memory Depth

·         Innovative "UltraVision" technology

·         Up to 30,000wfms/s Waveform Capture Rate

·         Up to 60,000frames Real-time Waveform Record(Opt.)

·         Low noise floor, Dynamic Range: 1mV/div to 10V/div

·         Optional Serial Buses Triggering and Decoding(RS232,I2C,SPI)

·         Multi- Levels intensity grading waveform display

·         Built in 2 channels 25MHz waveform Generator(DS1000Z-S)

·         Complete Connectivity: LAN(LXI Core Device 2011),USB Host & Device, AUX,USB-GPIB(Opt.)

·         Compact size, light weight, easy to use

·         7 Inch WVGA (800x480), multiple intensity levels waveform display