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Soluciones profesionales y sistemas completos para radiodifusión de Televisión y Radio

  Actualizaciones gratuitas y opciones para todos los recién comprados osciloscopios de la serie SIGLENT SDS2000

Fecha: 2014-12-08

Comienzo de la promoción: 07 de diciembre 2014

Fin de la promoción: 28 de febrero 2015


Free Upgrade #1:
Bandwidth upgrade or
options are free as follows.
1. SDS2072/SDS2074
Models will be upgraded to
SDS2102/SDS2104 at no
2. SDS2102/SDS2104
Models will be upgraded to
SDS2202/SDS2204 at no
3. SDS2202/SDS2204
Models will be upgraded to
SDS2302/SDS2304 at no
4. SDS2302/SDS2304
Models will now include
three options at no charge;
AWG, Serial Decode, and
Mixed-signal oscilloscopes
Free Upgrade #2;
Purchase one option and
then get two more options for
free! Details are as follows.
If you purchase a SIGLENT
SDS2000 Series
Oscilloscope with a
bandwidth of 70/100/200
MHz as well as the MSO
option (at the time of
purchase) you will receive
the AWG (Arbitrary
Waveform Generator) and
Serial Decode options for no
extra charge.




Effective December 7, 2014 SIGLENT TECHNOLOGIES is
offering free upgrades to all SDS2000 Series Oscilloscopes
purchased from authorized SIGLENT distributors.

1. You can participate in the above two activities at the same
2. Activity time: All eligible SIGLENT SDS2000 Series
Oscilloscopes must be purchased from an authorized SIGLENT
distributor between December 7, 2014 and February 28, 2015.
3. Please feel free to contact us.
R-Telecom Ltd-
4. SIGLENT TECHNOLOGIES reserves all the right to final
decisions of campaign above.