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М3М-18 Handheld RF Power Meter up to 18 GHz, Micran

Code: М3М-18
М3М-18 Handheld RF Power Meter up to 18 GHz, Micran

M3M-18 - Power meter for RF and Microwave power measurements up to 18GHz with a high accuracy up to ±0.33 dB and measurements range of -60dBm to +20dBm. 

  • Shipping Weight: 0.900 Kgs
  • - Power measurement of microwave oscillations generated continuously in the frequency range from 0.01 to 18 GHz
  • - Autonomous power supply with a built-in rechargeable battery
  • - Integrated screen and keyboard
  • - Possibility of remote control via PC
  • - Ability to use the device in laboratory and field conditions
  • - Measurement modes of absolute and relative power
  • - Visualization of results in linear and logarithmic scales
  • - Record of measurement results in PC file
  • - Correction of measurement results taking the transmission coefficient of external devices
Series: M3M
Product: М3М-18-11
Frequency range: 10MHz .. 18GHz
Dynamic range: -60dBm .. +20dBm
RF Input Maximum Level: +16dBm
Interfaces: USB
Connector: N type
File Info
M3M-18 RF Power Meter User Manual [PDF, 1.84 MB]