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MSO7054 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope 500MHz, 10GSa/s, Rigol

Code: MSO7054
MSO7054 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope 500MHz, 10GSa/s, Rigol

MSO7054 - Digital Oscilloscope for Mixed Signal with up to 500 MHz, 4 Analog + 16 Digital channels. The most Powerful and Affordable Mid-Range Oscilloscope.

  • Manufacturer: Rigol
  • Shipping Weight: 9.900 Kgs
Price excl. VAT: €5.699,00
Price inc. VAT: €6.838,80



- Analog bandwidth: 500 MHz
- 4 analog channels and 16 digital channels
- Up to 10 GSa/s real-time sample rate
- 100 Mpts memory depth (up to 500 Mpts memory depth option)
- High waveform capture rate (over 600,000 waveforms per second)
- Up to 450,000 frames of hardware real-time and ceaseless waveforms recording and playback functions
- Can integrates 6 independent instruments into 1, including digital oscilloscope, 16-channel logic analyzer, arbitrary waveform generator, digital voltmeter, 6-digit frequency counter and totalizer, and protocol analyzer
- A variety of serial protocol triggers and decodes
- Auto measurement of 41 waveform parameters; full-memory hardware measurement function
- A variety of math operations, built-in enhanced FFT analysis, and peak search - Waveform histogram analysis (standard)
- Independent search, navigation keys, and event table
- Built-in advanced power analysis software (option)
- User-defined one-key quick operation
- 10.1-inch capacitive multi-touch screen, 256-level intensity grading display, with color persistence
- Multiple interfaces available: USB HOST&DEVICE, LAN(LXI), HDMI, TRIG OUT, and USB-GPIB
- Web Control remote command
- Unique online version upgrade
- Novel and delicate industrial design, easy to operate

Series: MSO7000
Product: MSO7054
Bandwidth: 500 MHz
Channels: 4
Real time sampling rate: 10 GSa/s
Display: 10.1 inches
Screen resolution: 1024×600 px
Connector: BNC
Touch screen: Yes
Warranty: 3 years
File Info
MSO7054 Data Sheet [PDF, 13.1 MB]
MSO7054 User Guide [PDF, 6.65 MB]