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Professional complete systems and solutions for Television and Radio Broadcasting




1. The goods subject to the delivery contract are supplied with a manufacturer warranty. The commercial warranty is binding upon the manufacturer as specified in the warranty terms and conditions applicable to the specific claim filed.

Upon duly filed written complaint the supplier shall be obliged to ship the product to the manufacturer.

2. The supplier does not provide any other warranty unless the supplier has provided explicit written warranty for the delivered goods.

3. The warranties set out in these conditions replace all other warranties, arranged either directly or indirectly, and may be extended or described in detail in the operating instructions provided by the product manufacturer. Conditions that differ from or are in conflict with these general conditions shall not be accepted, except by mutual agreement executed in writing. These conditions shall be applied, including upon a completed delivery to the customer, regardless of the fact that the customer's conditions may be in conflict with or differ from these conditions. In order to be legally valid any additional agreements and amendments require the written consent of R-Telecom LTD. The company policy shall be applicable to all future transactions with the customer.

4. In case the supplier has been duly authorized by the manufacturer to repair any goods returned within the warranty period, the supplier shall bring the goods to a state compliant with the sales contract.

   4.1. The standard warranty is 2 (two) years as of the date of purchase (when this date is confirmed on a label/seal or by any other appropriate means) or the date of manufacture (if the purchase date is not confirmed).

   4.2. The warranty is canceled in any of the following cases:

      a) defects or damages caused by improper storage, misuse, careless handling, lack of maintenance or accident;

      b) defects or damages caused by use of devices containing electronically or mechanically incompatible equipment;

      c) the product has been improperly opened, modified or repaired by unauthorized people;

      d) the warranty seal/sticker has been damaged;

      e) the product has been mechanically damaged.

   4.3. In any case, the supplier shall be liable to the amount of the price paid by customer for the goods.

5. In case that the supplied product does not correspond to the delivery contract conditions, the customer shall file a claim with the supplier using a provided template.

   5.1. The customer shall return the goods to the supplier within three days of delivery, in the state, in which it was delivered – in its original packaging, with intact warranty seals and together with all accompanying documents. The customer shall also attach a cash-slip or invoice, protocols, acts and other documents proving that the product is not compliant with the agreed terms, as well as other documents assessing the reasons and the amount of the claim.

   5.2. In case that the manufacturer has provided a commercial warranty for the product, the claim shall be satisfied by replacement of the product with another product corresponding to the agreed conditions, or by repairing the product, in which case the manufacturer shall determine whether the warranty shall be applied or not.

   5.3. Claims may be filed within two years of delivery of the product, but not later than one month following the ascertainment of the fault.

6. Only the respective manufacturer can determine whether this is a warranty case. If so, all costs will be borne by R-Telecom. Otherwise, they must be admitted by the customer, providing prior approval of a quotification for the necessary spare parts and repairs.