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Решения и устройства за радиочестотни измервания, анализ, мониторинг и кодификация

IT-12 Анализатор на сигнал DVB-S/S2

Код: IT-12 DVB-S/S2
IT-12 Анализатор на сигнал DVB-S/S2

ИТ-12 DVB-S/S2 сигнал-анализатор е предназначен за контрол и насочване на приемни системи за цифрова или аналогова сателитна телевизия и радиоизлъчване.

  • Производител: Планар
  • Бруто тегло: 1.400 кг
Цена без ДДС: 504,00€
Цена с ДДС: 604,80€



·         Compact handheld design (dimensions: 193x94x53 mm)

·         Lightweight (weight with the battery up to 0.5 kg)

·         Ergonomic housing design with protective bag

·         Favorable price

·         Dual LNB dish alignment

·         Measurement of reception quality parameters: modulation error ratio MER, bit error ratio BER prior to and after Viterbi/LDPC decoder

·         Audio Indication measurement mode

·         Automatic defining of the settings (transponder frequency, symbol rate, FEC, polarization)

·         Input DC voltage measurement within the range of 3 to 30 V

·         LNB powering and DiSEqC 2.1 control

·         Non-volatile datalogs

·         Data logger function enabling storage of:

-          up to 50 LNB profiles

-          up to 99 satellite parameter pages with transponder table

-          up to 100 measurement logs

·         USB interface for PC connection

·         Firmware update by the user

·         128x64 graphic LCD display with LED backlight

·         Powered by Li-ion battery

·         Battery charge or operation powered by 12V Mains Adapter or car lighter

·         Built-in compass for satellite pointing (optional)


ItToolsSatellite PC software:


·         Performing measurements of satellite signal level and parameters

·         Viewing signal spectrum at the Analyzer input

·         Viewing сonstellation diagram

·         Viewing the list of transponder channels

·         Viewing and editing satellite logs

·         Viewing and editing LNB profile logs

·         Viewing the saved spectrum table; and documenting and detailed viewing the measured spectra

·         Viewing and editing the measurement report of the input signal quality factors

·         Saving and editing local copies of the Analyzer logs

·         Saving and documenting measurement reports

·         Firmware updating




Measurement frequency range 950 MHz - 2.15 GHz
Frequency resolution 1 MHz
Level measurement range 40 - 100 dBμV
Measurement level resolution 0,1 dB
Accuracy ±2.5 dB
Measurement channel passband 10 - 65 MHz
DVB-S modulation QPSK
DVB-S2 modulation QPSK, 8PSK
Symbol rate 1 - 45 Msps
MER measurement range 4 - 15 dB
BER measurement range prior to Viterbi decoder 1x10-5 - 1x10-1
BER measurement range after Viterbi decoder 1x10-8 - 1x10-3
BER measurement range prior to LDPC decoder 1x10-7 - 1x10-2
BER measurement range after LDPC decoder 1x10-9 - 1x10-8
LNB frequency error ±10 MHz
LNB supply voltage 13, 18 V
Maximum LNB supply current 300 mA
LNB current consumption check range 0 - 350 mA
DiSEqC command system support 2.1 level
Battery type Li-ion, 1500 mAh 7.4 V
Battery life under normal conditions 1 hour