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Telecom NMS Network Monitoring System, Kvarta

Код: Telecom NMS
Telecom NMS Network Monitoring System, Kvarta

Telecom NMS - System 24/7 to monitoring of ALL your IP devices with unlimited sensor licenses included

  • Производител: Кварта
  • Бруто тегло: 14.900 кг
Цена без ДДС: 7.885,00€
Цена с ДДС: 9.462,00€



  • - Unlimited sensors license included
  • - Server and OS included in the price
  • - Notifications, Logs, Charts and more
  • - Monitor Everything - Windows, Linux, MacOS,  VM, IoT and more
  • - Supported Protocols - SNMP, TCP, UDP, HTTP and more
  • - Supported Devices - Switches, Routers, Measurement Equipment and more
  • - Distributed monitoring - Monitor several networks in different locations and separated networks within your company using Remote Probe Software
  • - Map and Dashboard
  • - Best price on the market
Интерфейси: LAN
Файл Информация
Telecom NMS Brochure [PDF, 529.6 KB]
Telecom NMS Quick Start [PDF, 1.27 MB]
Telecom NMS User Manual [PDF, 2.2 MB]