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Решения и устройства за радиочестотни измервания, анализ, мониторинг и кодификация

SOUND4 BIG VOICE² Loaded Version, 3-band dynamic microphone processor

SOUND4 BIG VOICE² Loaded Version, 3-band dynamic microphone processor

SOUND4 BIG VOICE² - "Loaded Version" - 2-Channel, 3-Band Processor with Dual Power Supply, Mic/Line/Digital/AES-67 Inputs, Line/Digital/AES-67 Outputs, Stackable Bus-Mix, front-panel recall, Headphone.

  • Производител: SOUND4
  • Бруто тегло: 4.900 кг
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SOUND4 BIG VOICE² LOADED is powered with the revolutionary HQ-Sound 192kHz Audio Processing engine, a SOUND4 patented technology which has been used for years in other products. Its processing structure includes an advanced DeEsser, 3-band noise gate, Pre-EQ 4-band parametric, 3-band dynamic processor, Post-EQ 4-band parametric, brick wall limiter, etc.

SOUND4 BIG VOICE² LOADED processor are flexible, and adapt perfectly to all voices. From Natural tone to Big, everything is possible in a few clicks. The SOUND4 BIG VOICE² LOADED is the perfect tool for production studios for that smooth Voice Over.

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SOUND4 Universal All Products Installer V4 - 2019-03-12 [EXE, 76.37 MB]