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DEVA Динамичен LED дисплей модел 96

Код: LED Display 96
DEVA Динамичен LED дисплей модел 96

LED Display 96 - Ultra-bright, dynamic, high-visibility, easy to use LED display for generic messages. Perfect for both station studio and control room

Capable of displaying the generic messages, the Dynamic LED Display Model 96 can be used for advertising and notification purposes. The signs can also be connected to an RDS/RBDS decoder or other measurement equipment to display the measurement results.

The 1.5U rack mount fit, makes the LED Display a perfect addition to station studios and control rooms or in showrooms where high-visibility is a desired result.



- Fixed System Font
- Fixed color - white
- Adjustable multi-level brightness
- 10 text messages, 250 characters each
- 4 graphic messages, 16 х 384 pixels each
- Capability to Add Custom Picture
- Message Transition Mode – left to right (scroll left)
- Display Mode : Consecutive List, single bank, data & time Display
- 5 Message scrolling speeds
- Date & Time formats
- Easy set-up via software
- High reliability and operation durability
- 100° degree Viewing Angle
- Aluminum enclosure
- RS232 & USB communication ports
- Wide Range Power Supply
- Software programmable
- Rack mountable
Серия: LED Displays
Продукт: LED Display 96
Големина на пиксел: 4.0 мм
Цвят: Yellow
Интерфейси: RS232 & USB (build-in serial converter)
Резолюция на екрана: 16 x 96 px
Захранващо напрежение: 100-240 V
Гаранция: 2 години
Файл Информация
deva-led-display_1.0.1.31 [EXE, 2.13 MB]