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DEVA SmartGen Micro Basic RDS Encoder

Код: SmartGen Micro
DEVA SmartGen Micro Basic RDS Encoder

SmartGen Micro - This device demonstrates an excellent price-performance ratio. It can transmit all the basic RDS plus decoder information and music/speech flags. A small but very useful device, it will also guarantee you PS and radio text scrolling options, fully digital synthesis of the RDS signal, and two types of operating modes – Loop-through & Side-chain.

Цена без ДДС: 352,12€
Цена с ДДС: 422,54€
Суми без ДДС:
Каталожна цена: 375,00€
Отстъпка: 22,88€ (6.10%)



· Very Attractive Price

· Very Good Price-Performance Ratio

· PS & Radio Text Scrolling Options

· Fully Digital Synthesis of RDS signal

· MPX Loopthrough & Sidechain Modes

· Internal or external Pilot / MPX Synchronisation

· Very Intuitive Windows Configuration Software

· Proved and reliable hardware for 24/7/365 operating

· Built-in dedicated 19kHz source for internal sync

· Works with any FM exciter and stereo generator

· Supports both RDS & RBDS standards

· Easy Installation and Setup

· USB Programming Interfaces

· Built-in failsafe bypass relay

· Robust Aluminium Case for high RF immunity

Файл Информация
SmartGen Micro Brochure [PDF, 997.95 KB]
SmartGen Micro Quick User Guide [PDF, 465.09 KB]
SmartGen Micro User Manual [PDF, 968.23 KB]