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SOUND4 IP CONNECT - Audio IP codec Networking Solution

SOUND4 IP CONNECT - Audio IP codec Networking Solution

SOUND4 IP CONNECT - a solution dedicated to Dynamic Audio networking. It allows to create a live program “in two clicks”, to assign a group of transmitters to a particular studio, to manage an IP network through the radio automation systems.

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Продуктови опции



- Exist in 1 or 2 channels (option)
- Unidirectional or bidirectional links (option)
- Up to 32 destinations!
- Multiples build-in backup solutions
- Stream replication without re-coding (option)
- Available in option for FM Processors

In SOUND4 IP CONNECT Product, everything is done to offer you tools and functionality to secure and backup links.

Users can set a backup link in case the main one falls down. Moreover, SOUND4 IP CONNECT is the first Audio Overs IP codec which manages Fall-back links with dynamic data assignment. An example: the radio can use ADSL link for main service and IP satellite (2-way) for backup. The main advantage of 2-way sat is cost because it is usually proposed for a limited quantity of data transfer, the disadvantage is also the cost if data transfer is not managed.

With SOUND4 IP CONNECT Fall-back link management, it is possible to start or stop sending data to satellite when it is needed, then the basic subscription for 2-way sat can cover a backup program for more than 20 hours per week which is largely enough!!!

Thanks to IP Pass-Through functionality, it is possible to rebroadcast a link from a receiver without decoding and re-encoding. This functionality is really appreciated by Braodacasters who need an important bandwidth to deliver IP to many Transmitters. Audio networking is buildable like a tree: from studio departure some links will serve 4 or 5 receivers, then each receiver will rebroadcast without decoding to 4 or 5 others receivers..