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IT-084 TDR Кабел Рефлектомер

   The IT-084 TDR Cable Reflectometer is a configuration of the IT-08 Multifunction TV Meter comprised of MB-08 Base Unit and MC-084 Removable Module. IT-084 ensures identification and precision fault location in coaxial cables. Moreover, the Meter allows measurement of cable length and propagation velocity factor. IT-084 employs TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) technology based on electric pulse sending along the cable and detecting the reverse reflected signal (reflections from any discontinuities such as termination, cable break, which may affect the wave impedance of the cable under test). The shape analysis and accurate time measurement from the original pulse to reflected pulse allows for the identification of fault type as well as fault location (in the cable).







o   lightweight and compact handheld design

o   measurement modes:

·         cable probing

·         comparison of current and previously saved reflectograms

·         measuring cable length

o   data logger function providing storage for:

·         up to 32 cable types

·         up to 200 reflectograms

o   operation with PC (additional modes available, documenting measurement results, etc.)



Distance measurement range 1 to 1600 m
Distance measurement resolution (D*0.004/M) m, where
D - measurement range, m
M - measurement scale
Input impedance, selectable 50, 75 Ohm
Compensation of  test signal attenuation in line 0 to 60 dB
Receiver gain adjustment step 3 dB
Suppression level of noise frequencies up to 50 Hz 80 dB
Probing pulse duration, selectable 7, 25, 100, 500 ns
Probing pulse voltage with no load at input
  • output impedance 75 Ohm
  • output impedance 50 Ohm

  • 3 V
  • 2 V
Distance measurement accuracy ±(Dx0.004/M + 0.003xL) m, where
M – measurement scale
D – measurement range, m
L – measured length, m
Warm-up time 1 min
Battery life under normal conditions (2100 mAh battery capacity) 6 hours














o   performing all kinds of measurements

o   viewing  and saving data logger pages

o   saving and documenting measurement results