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Решения и устройства за радиочестотни измервания, анализ, мониторинг и кодификация

IT-081 ТВ Нивометър


   The IT-081 TV Level Meter is a configuration of the IT-08 Multifunction TV Meter comprised of MB-08 Base Unit and MC-081 Removable Module. The Meter allows measurement of channel power and TV signal parameters. It is designed for control and adjustment of television and broadcasting distribution networks as well as of separate components of such networks, or other electronic devices. The IT-081 is capable to satisfy all your measurement needs for high-quality operation within the range of 5 to 900 MHz.






o   lightweight and compact handheld design

o   measurement modes:

·         LEVEL mode performs measurements of analog and digital channel parameters

·         SPECTRUM mode provides the scanning of entire band with the span defined by the user from 18 to 72 MHz

·         SCAN, TILT and RIPPLE modes indicate the level of all the channels present in the band (or channels according to the channel plan) on a bar-graph

o   measurements supported:

·         for analog channels: channel level, Carrier to Noise (C/N) ratio, Video to Audio (V/A) ratio;

·         for digital channels: channel power, Carrier to Noise (C/N) ratio.

o   data logger function providing storage for:

·         up to 32 channel plans (with channel names) and automatic channel plan creation

·         up to 200 measurement logs (each indicating channel levels, C/N and V/A ratios), checking the channel parameter compliance with the limit plan and saving comments and measurement date and time

·         up to 200 spectrum analyzer logs with 125 kHz step, adjustable scanning span and saving comments and measurement date and time

o   analog channels audio reproduction with internal speaker

o   measurement of AC/DC input voltage within the range of 10 to 100 V

o   operation as a part of the Return Path Test and Measurement Set

o   operation with PC (additional modes available)




Operating frequency range 5 to 900 MHz
Resolution 125 kHz
Channel template China, PAL B/G, PAL Ireland, PAL UK, Secam D/K, France, NCTA, Australian
Built-in attenuator 20, 40 dB

Input mismatch attenuation

  • Input attenuator off
  • Input attenuator on


  • 14 dB
  • 18 dB

Level measurement range with manual attenuator setting

  • Input attenuator off
  • Input attenuator 20 dB
  • Input attenuator 40 dB


  • 30 to 90 dBμV
  • 50 to 110 dBμV
  • 70 to 126 dBμV
Measurement level resolution 0.1 dB
Accuracy within 30-126 dBµV level range ±1,5 dB
Accuracy within operating temperature range ±2.2 dB
Measurement channel passband for -3 dB level 230 ± 60 kHz
Warm-up time 10 min
Battery duration under normal conditions (2100 mAh battery capacity) 6 hours
























o   performing all kinds of measurements

o   viewing  and saving data logger pages

o   editing channel plans

o   saving and documenting measurement results