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  Ъпгрейди и цялостни софтуерни пакети за серия MSO/DS4000

Дата: 2015-05-15

Rigol Technologies EU GmbH extends the capability of their Mid and High Range Oscilloscope Series DS/MSO4000 and offers now the possibility to upgrade the oscilloscope bandwidth via software code license.

Users can now start with a lower cost solution of the MSO/DS4000 family and can extend it based on future needs or applications. For enhanced application and measurement needs they can get much higher instrument bandwidth through an easy to handle software code upgrade. A typical need for bandwidth upgrade could be the need of higher pulse slope for higher speed serial bus or faster frequency test signals in the future.

Rigol offers three upgrade options for both, DS models (Digital Storage Oscilloscopes) and MSO models (Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes) of the 4000 Series.

These extensions are also available for the installed base of instruments in the field. In this case it is mandatory that the latest Firmware is installed.

The following three upgrades are available:

Bandwidth Upgrade from 200 MHz to 350 MHz for models MSO/DS402x (2/4 channel)

Bandwidth Upgrade from 200 MHz to 500 MHz for models MSO/DS402x (2/4 channel)

Bandwidth Upgrade from 350 MHz to 500 MHz for models MSO/DS403x (2/4 channel)

Users in the education and university area but also industrial customers in R&D or test labs can now verify and evaluate a low cost Rigol oscilloscope to get a first experience, and can then share the results about the high quality and excellent service of Rigol’s products with all responsible persons. Later they can decide to upgrade to a higher bandwidth to address more complex applications. So there is no risk to lose money when they make a decision for Rigol instruments.

Buy one - Get all

In addition, Rigol Technologies will promote the complete software package at the price of the lowest option for a limited time. For the MSO/DS4000 series the following options are included for decoding the serial buses RS232/UART, I2C, SPI, CAN und FlexRay. Customers can save up to € 2333.

including SD-RS232-DS4000, SD-I2C/SPI-DS4000, SD-CAN-DS4000 and SD-FlexRay-DS4000 for only € 549,00 net.

This promotion is valid from now and ends on December 31, 2015

The users can now get the complete serial bus decoding set without any additional cost and are well prepared for future needs of coming applications. The bundle can be purchased directly with a new product, or you can buy it separately for installation on older scopes to upgrade them with these options. Already today, this package covers your future needs without any additional cost and risk. Both options require the latest firmware release to be installed on the oscilloscope before you can use them.

With these options and packages, Rigol demonstrates their best price/performance ratio and affordable prices. Customers can evaluate without any risk, and in combination with Rigol’s standard 3 year warranty they are well prepared for future needs.